Praxair China has signed a contract with Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., one of China’s largest providers of consumer electronics, to supply xenon gas mixtures to its manufacturing facility in the city of Mian Yang, Sichuan province.

Changhong, a new Praxair customer, will use the xenon gas mixtures in the production of its plasma display panels to ensure good functionality of the panels in response speed and display brightness.

“As the only independent Chinese developer and manufacturer of plasma display panels, Changhong has been in constant pursuit of innovation and is very pleased to have Praxair China as our supplier to enable us to produce a quality product with a technical competitiveness,” said Mr. Zhao Yong, chairman of Changhong.

David Chow, President of Praxair China, was also confident about the contract, “This establishes an important relationship with Changhong and is a key step for Praxair to enter the Southwest China market.”

He added, “We are pleased to support one of the leading Chinese players in household appliances and electronics with our reliable supply and accumulated technical experience in this industry.”