Under the terms of a long term cooperative agreement, Praxair China recently started up its new air separation plant for Jinlong Copper Co. Ltd in Tongling, Anhui Province.

The facility represents the third plant owned and operated by Praxair for Jinlong Copper, and the fourth plant built overall by Praxair for Jinlong's flash furnace-smelting process.

Praxair and Jinlong, the largest copper smelting joint venture in China, have a 15-year cooperative agreement for the supply of oxygen for its operations. Prior to the new plant, Praxair had already built three non-cryogenic vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) plants for its esteemed customer.

With the start-up of the new cryogenic plant, Jinlong can now expand its production capacity from a previous 300,000 tons per year (tpy) of copper to 400,000 tpy, therefore meeting the current production requirements as well as the anticipated future growth needs of Jinlong.

$quot;We're glad to see the new plant go on-stream on-time and safely. Praxair's extensive experience and know-how in the non-ferrous metal industry allows us to provide a modern system to meet Jinlong's technical expectations,$quot; said David Chow, President of Praxair China.