Praxair China has signed a contract with Hainan China Aviation Special Glass Materials Co. Ltd, to supply oxygen and high purity nitrogen for the first 100% oxy-fuel float glass furnace in China.

The latest in a wave of contracts secured by Praxair China in recent weeks, as part of this new deal the company will construct an air separation unit (ASU) at the customer’s site in South China.

Hainan China Aviation Special Glass is a subsidiary of China Aviation Sanxin Co. Ltd. (CAS), and is introducing the 100% oxy-fuel float glass furnace – the first of its kind in the People’s Republic of China.

Praxair China will construct an ASU at the company’s glass production site in Hainan province, South China, which will actually be the second Praxair facility in Hainan province - a nitrogen plant was built at Haikou in 2005.

“We’re proud of this contract with CAS, our new customer in the glass industry,” said David Chow, President of Praxair China.

“With the encouraging prospects of energy-saving glass in the construction sector of China, Praxair will have further opportunities to apply its energy-saving and environmentally-beneficial technologies here.”

CAS is a leading manufacturer of specialty glass products such as Low-E energy-saving glass, solar energy glass and curtain walls in China. By introducing the world-class oxy-fuel furnace as well as online Low-E technology from PPG Industries in the US to produce Low-E float glass, CAS will be operating the most advanced high-end float glass site in China.