Praxair China signs multi-year supply agreement with Evergreen Solar Energy China Co., Ltd. The contract promises to provide bulk industrial gases for Evergreen’s solar wafer manufacturing plant in Wuhan, China.
David Chow, President of Praxair China, commented, “Evergreen Solar is a valued customer of Praxair in the US and we look forward to enabling their expansion into China. Praxair is well positioned to serve the rapidly growing photovoltaic market within China, with its comprehensive offering of gas and sputtering target products and its reliable global supply network.”
Henry Ng, Evergreen Solar Energy’s Manager of Asia Operations, responded, “Praxair has been a critical supplier of Evergreen Solar in the US for several years, and has proven to be a highly reliable supplier of bulk gas to our manufacturing operations. We look forward to their strong presence in China to assist us with our growth plans.”
Evergreen offers unique solar-power products which utilise its patented STRING RIBBON™ wafer technology that uses measurably less polysilicon than conventional ingot methods.
The new agreement will supplement the 50 existing supply agreements between photovoltaic manufacturing facilities and Praxair. Similarly, the contract will add to the company’s combined global capacity of over 6 gigawatts.