Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. looks to Praxair for their industrial gas needs.

Praxair will supply nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium and silane to Samsung as they expand their semiconductor complex in Hwasung, Korea. Praxair has been commissioned to design, build and operate an air separation plant with the use of their engineering facilities in Korea, China and the US.

Praxair Electronics supplies the global semiconductor market with process consumables. Their Vice President, Mark Gruninger said of the agreement, \\$quot;we are committed to supporting Samsung\\$quot;s expanded production capabilities with a broad portfolio of products.\\$quot; He also added, \\$quot; Praxair\\$quot;s large air separation plants have demonstrated quality, reliability and operational efficiencies and continue to meet the most stringent requirements of the semi-conductor industry.\\$quot;

Mr K.H. Lee, president of Praxair Korea said, \\$quot;Praxair Korea have enjoyed a cooperative relationship with Samsung for over 15 years and will supply the company\\$quot;s main manufacturing complexes in Gihueng, Hwasung and Tangjeong.\\$quot;