Praxair has clinched a string of vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) construction and supply deals in China in a continuation of its environmental solutions strategy in the North Pacific rim country.

The Tier One corporation has started up two VSPA oxygen (O2) supply systems and secured a deal to build another.

The plants will produce O2 for use in Jiangbin Water Treatment Co., Ltd’s ozone manufacturing process at its facility in the Zhejiang province, making it the first large-scale facility to use the ozone process to treat discharge from dye and textile finishing processes in the North Pacific rim country.

The VSPAs will also supply ozone units for the Gao Bei Dian Recycling Plant, part of the Beijing Drainage Group, for use in its wastewater treatment processes.

Augmenting its environmental strategy further, Praxair secured another long-term supply agreement with the Xiao Hong Men water recycling plant to build, own and operate a VPSA system for the company’s wastewater treatment operations.

Bubbles Water

Will Li, President of Praxair China, signified, “As China continues to focus on addressing environmental issues, industry and government entities are coming to Praxair for help with O2 technologies and supply.”

“Jiangbin Water, Gao Bei Dian and Xiao Hong Men are just a few examples of how Praxair has helped customers address their needs with industrial gas applications.”

Financial details of the deals were not disclosed.

With China home to a complex and fragmented gases market, James Barr, Senior Business Analyst of gasworld Business Intelligence, explained how these latest deals reinforce the company’s presence in the country and stated, “Praxair holds an estimated market share in the North Pacific rim country of 8%. The US-based business has been supplying and operating VPSA units for water treatment applications in China since the 1990s, so it has a great deal of experience within this sector.”

Barr then went on to suggest how this could open the door for further opportunities, “The majority of O2 production units for wastewater treatment plants in China, and indeed on a more global level, are owned and operated by the end-user, so this provides a good opportunity for industrial gas companies to convert these to onsite supplies,” he indicated.