Praxair China has been awarded a 15-year contract from Jinlong Copper Co (Jinlong) to supply pipeline oxygen at their plant in Tongling, Anhui Province.

Praxair China will build, own and operate three non-cryogenic oxygen systems with a total capacity of 14,100 cubic meters per hour (about 500 tons per day) to meet the requirements of Jinlong\\$quot;s flash furnace-smelting process.

The construction work is under way. The first system will be ready to supply oxygen to Jinlong in January 2007; the second one will begin operation in July of the same year; and the third will start up in August 2008.

Commenting on the cooperation, the senior management of Jinlong Copper said that Jinlong is committed to the continuous improvement of the smelting process. For this, they need a partner who can provide the technical expertise in their gas supply system to ensure quality.

"We are glad to have an opportunity to work with the largest copper smelting joint venture in China. Praxair\\$quot;s rich experience and know-how in metal fabrication industry allows us to provide a modern system to meet the expectations of copper smelting process of Jinlong," commented Praxair China president David Chow.