Praxair, Inc. has responded to supply demands by doubling the capacity of its Air Separation Plant in Memphis, Tennessee.
The latest amendment exemplifies a widespread sector growth across the Southeast region, explained the company's Vice President of the East Region, Kevin Foti.

Yesterday, Praxair publicised plans to significantly expand the capacity of its Memphis Tennessee air separation plant. The firm is set to double its capacity in order to meet the supply needs of Nucor Corporation and Valero Energy Corporation.

The company has already completed construction of a pipeline which will enable the firm to serve multiple customers in the Riverport area. Moreover, an additional plant is scheduled to start-up in the third quarter of 2011.

Kevin Foti, Praxair’s Vice President of the East Region, North American Industrial Gases, described how this characterises the broader growth within the region. He commented, “Praxair’s large air separation units continue to deliver quality, reliability and operational efficiencies to meet customer requirements now and for the future.$quot;

$quot;We look forward to enhancing our relationship with both Nucor and Valero and to the overall steady growth that we see in the Southeast region,$quot; concluded Foti.