Praxair Electronics has expanded production capacity of UpTime® dopant gas storage and delivery systems in its Arizona and Belgium facilities in response to increasing global demand.

The UpTime dopant gas storage and delivery system, a proprietary technology, was successfully introduced to the semiconductor ion implantation market nearly three years ago and has experienced significant increase in its adoption at leading fabs.

"The production expansion of our UpTime product line will more than double our capacity for the three primary dopant gases: arsine, phosphine and enriched boron triflouride," said Ray Roberge, president of Praxair Electronics. "The industry has increasingly recognized the significant benefits in productivity, cost and safe delivery of UpTime sub-atmospheric products for ion implantation."

Roberge added: "We are committed to maintaining an infrastructure to support current and future demand."

UpTime systems are being used in 200mm and 300mm production fabs worldwide for a variety of semiconductor devices, worldwide.