Praxair Electronics, a division of Praxair Inc., has been awarded a contract by SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. to supply its new manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon, with bulk argon and nitrogen.

SANYO Electric is to construct a new plant for the manufacture of solar ingots and wafers in Salem's Renewable Energy and Technology Park, scheduled to begin operations in October 2009 and to be in full operation by April 2010.

With a production capacity of approximately 70 MW, the new plant will bring SANYO Electric's total for ingot and wafer production capacity in America to approximately 100 MW.

$quot;We chose Praxair Electronics for its proven track record of supply reliability and its bulk-gas production capacity,$quot; explained Scott Landrigan, SANYO Electric's Director of Facilities.

Mark Murphy, President of Praxair Electronics, added, $quot;Praxair provides gases and sputtering targets to over 40 photovoltaic component manufacturers around the world.$quot;

$quot;We are pleased to have been selected to supply argon and nitrogen to SANYO Electric's new state-of-the-art facility in Salem and to continue our contribution to alternative energy market growth.$quot;

SANYO Electric will provide the fundamental materials, ingots and wafers, necessary to manufacture SANYO's proprietary HIT® solar cells and modules.