Praxair will today be exhibiting at the Houston Conference on Storage Tank Management, a day-long event exploring the latest standards and requirements associated with this sector.

Held at the Hobby Airport Hotel in Houston, Texas, today’s event will cover topics including an update on the SPCC requirements, and US Coast Guard Houston ship channel operations.

There will also be a look at the latest on standards and issues with shop-fabricated ASTs, internal floating roofs and emissions controls, the Florida Leak Autopsy Study, hurricane preparedness plans, an API Standards update and a look at the EPA’s oil program response to Hurricane Katrina.

A panel discussion on alternative fuels is also planned for the end of the conference, while Praxair Services Inc. will be present at the PSI Table-Top display to greet customers and answer questions related to its Cathodic Protection, Leak Detection, and Guided Wave Services.