Praxair, Inc. announced it has completed an extension of its pipeline to supply oxygen to Kumbi Corporation, one of the largest glass bottle manufacturers in South Korea.

The six-mile extension supplies 100 tonnes per day of gaseous oxygen from Praxair’s Tangjung plant to Kumbi’s two glass-melting furnaces located in Asan, in the central region of the country. Additionally, Praxair’s pipeline extension will enable the company to meet the growing industrial gases demand from businesses across South Korea.

Kumbi uses the oxygen for its production of glass bottles for beverage, cosmetic and medical customers throughout the country. Praxair has also installed its advanced Oxy-burner technology at Kumbi’s facility enabling the customer to improve productivity while reducing gas emissions.

“We are proud to supply Kumbi with the oxygen and technology it requires to run its furnaces more efficiently, with less noise and improved environmental performance,” said S.B. Seo, President of Praxair Korea. “We look forward to growing with Kumbi as it expands its business throughout the country.”

Using patented technology and energy-efficient processes, Praxair will also serve liquid-product customers in the region. The company currently operates seven plants and 56 miles of pipeline in South Korea that provide industrial gases to customers, including those in the electronics, chemical and refining, and metals segments.