Praxair Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of Praxair Inc, is to expand its industrial gases production capability in the Rhineland area of Germany in order to meet increasing customer demand.

Praxair has revealed it will build a new, energy-efficient air separation unit capable of producing 1,800 tonnes of gases per day when it comes on stream in 2010 at Hürth, southwest of Cologne.

The new plant will supply gaseous oxygen and nitrogen to large customers in the refining, chemical and steel industries through Praxair’s extensive Rhineland pipeline system. In addition, an integrated liquefier will supply liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases to a variety of other customers in the local market.

Westfalen AG, an industrial gas producer based in Muenster, Germany, has already signed a long-term contract for the purchase of liquid argon, nitrogen and oxygen from the new plant.

Frank Wegmann, Managing Director of Praxair Deutschland, explained, “We have been experiencing increasing demand from both existing and new customers in the Rhineland region. The increased capacity, using highly energy-efficient technology, will allow us to continue our reliable supply of gases to meet this growth.”

Praxair Deutschland is one of the three largest industrial gases companies in Germany and serves around 40,000 customers with bulk, medical, specialty and packaged gases.

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