Praxair Electronics has proved it is committed to serving the photovoltaic PVD market, after making substantial investments.

The company, a division of Praxair, Inc., has made investments totaling $15m during the past year, in order to increase production capacity of tubular targets.

The investments have come in several forms, including a recent acquisition of Senvac Thin Film Technologies in Frankfurt, Germany, a company which specialises in the bonding of tubular targets; automation of the tubular bonding process in Frankfurt; and an advanced ceramic development and pilot facility in Tonawanda N.Y. for development of AZO tubes.

“We are using our experience and expertise in the semiconductor market as a foundation for growth in PV target markets,” said David P. Strauss, Managing Director of Praxair Electronics’ deposition materials business.

“Our focus will be to provide advanced PVD products which deliver cost-of-ownership advantages.”