Praxair, Inc. has announced that its subsidiary, NuCO2, the largest provider of fountain beverage carbonation in the US, has launched the XactCO2 high-pressure (HP) patent-pending fill system, a permanent, scalable carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder supply system for restaurants and bars.

The XactCO2 HP fill system is currently being launched in Denver, Atlanta, and the greater San Francisco area, and will be launched nationwide later in 2017.

How it works

Cylinders are located inside the facility and connected to a small fill box located outside the site, NuCO2 service representatives fill the cylinder from a truck at regularly scheduled intervals that support the establishment’s monthly volume requirements. This results in fountain soft drinks and draught beer being properly carbonated with certified beverage grade CO2.


The XactCO2 HP fill system offers a safe, reliable, economical and efficient beverage solution for customers’ beverage carbonation needs. The system is convenient as users can ‘set it and forget it.’ With standard deliveries based on establishment usage patterns, customers can spend less time reviewing fill status and ordering product. The system can also help reduce product loss and service interruptions, as it does not require people to move individual cylinders in and out of their restaurants. Additionally, this new system may help customers manage compliance and CO2 costs. All of these advantages are backed by customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NuCO2 President, Gerald Miller, said, “We are very pleased to be rolling out this innovative beverage system that supports our customers with features that are not available today.”

“In addition to offering customers reliability and convenience, in some cases, customers have saved thousands of dollars when compared to their prior installations. Simply put, the XactCO2 HP fill system makes our customers’ jobs easier while helping them increase their bottom line – a true win-win solution,” Miller added.

NuCO2 is the only national provider of beverage grade CO2 certified using ISBT guidelines and draught beer grade nitrogen (N2) gas solutions to the restaurant and hospitality industry. The company provides reliable, economical and convenient beverage carbonation solutions to more than 172,000 customers and carbonates over 43 million drinks every day. NuCO2 is also the primary beverage gas supplier to the top 100 national restaurant chains.