Praxair has been recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) as a world leader in sustainable industrial practices.

The company was named the DJSI’s World and North American Indices and is the only US-based firm in the chemical sector to be selected for those indices for 16 consecutive years. Additionally, Praxair’s overall ranking at the 99th percentile among all chemical companies is – the company’s best ever result.

DJSI selections are based on an in-depth analysis of a company’s sustainable development practices, including corporate governance, risk management, innovation, environmental management and strategy, supply-chain standards, and safety and labour practices. Emphasis is also placed on industry-specific risks and opportunities.

Steve Angel, Praxair, 2017

Source: Praxair

“Praxair’s inclusion in these indices for the past 16 years recognises our long-standing commitment to sustainability and the outstanding efforts of our employees,” said Praxair’s Chairman and CEO Steve Angel (left). “I am particularly pleased to see that we achieved best in class performance in innovation, environmental stewardship and inclusion.”