Praxair’s patented Dilute Oxygen Combustion technology has been successfully installed for the first time in China, at Jinlong Copper Co. Ltd.

Jinlong Copper is the largest copper smelting joint venture in China, located in Tongling City, Anhui Province.

Praxair China’s applications technology team designed, fabricated and installed a complete dual-fuel Dilute Oxygen Combustion system for a 400 tonne anode furnace at Jinlong Copper, replacing an existing air-fired system.

The results were fuel savings of more than 60% and a flue gas emissions reduction of more than 70%. Additional benefits to Jinlong Copper include higher furnace productivity and low maintenance.

Jinlong Copper plans to install the Praxair system on a second anode furnace in the first quarter 2010.

Praxair’s Dilute Oxygen Combustion technology provides higher energy efficiency and furnace operation flexibility at lower capital cost. This technology uses high-momentum fuel and oxygen jets to provide strong in-furnace gas recirculation, promoting uniform flame, uniform heat release pattern and ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

A dual-fuel capability allows the customer to use the lowest cost fuel available at any given time.

“Jinlong Copper is impressed by Praxair’s teamwork, enthusiasm and innovative technology,” commented Mr. Zhou Jun, Deputy General Manager of Jinlong Copper.

“I look forward to further cooperation which will enhance the competitiveness of Jinlong Copper and allow both parties to continue their growth.”

David Chow, President of Praxair China, added, “This is an encouraging milestone for Praxair DOC in China, and a further demonstration of our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of non-ferrous-metal industry processes.”

Praxair has supplied oxygen to Jinlong Copper since 2003 and has built three vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) plants and one air separation plant at the customer’s site. The oxygen has been used in Jinlong Copper’s flash smelting and converting process.