Praxair México, a subsidiary of Praxair, Inc., has started-up a new packaged gases facility in the Altamira industrial corridor on the northeast coast of México.

The facility represents the last phase of a three-stage investment which positions Praxair to meet growing customer demand in the region.

In addition to the modern, palletized industrial and medical gases production facility, the complex includes a state-of-the-art, on-site hydrogen plant which supplies Posco, one of the most important steel companies in the region, and an advanced nitrogen plant which supplies high quality product to several customers through a 35km pipeline.

“This new complex demonstrates Praxair’s commitment to support regional development with world-class supply systems that increase productivity and reliability,” said Murilo Melo, President and General Director of Praxair México.

Praxair México is a leading industrial gas provider in México, operating as a global company with local efficiency. It operates more than 300 production, distribution and sales sites, has 2,500 employees and serves more than 35,000 customers in a wide range of industries.