Praxair Mexico has signed a supply contract with Fonderia to provide oxygen via a vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) plant.
According to the new contract, Praxair Mexico will supply 120 tons of oxygen per day and is expected to begin operation in the third quarter of 2011. The facility is hoped to increase Fonderia’s productivity by 600,000 tons of steel each year.
Fernando Abaroa, General Director of Fonderia described the longstanding relationship between the two firms. He said, “We have been working with Praxair Mexico for the past four years and are very pleased with their reliable and safe performance. We are looking forward to having Praxair as a strategic partner in this new project.”
Murilo Melo, President and General Director of Praxair Mexico, responded, “On behalf of Praxair Mexico we reiterate our commitment to continued reliable, safe supply of products and technologies that support Fonderia’s expansion, growth and development.”