Praxair announced the completion of a new multi-million dollar plant to supply industrial, medical and specialty packaged gases to customers in Deer Park, Texas, US, in an area known as the “Houston Ship Channel”.

The new plant employs 20 persons and features automated filling of gas cylinders across a broad range of products such as helium, breathing air, medical oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. The 22,640 square foot facility will expand Praxair’s offerings to the refinery, chemical and metal fabrication industries in the area to include specialty gases and equipment, welding supplies and related services.

Jason Krieger, Gulf States division general manager for Praxair Distribution, said: “Praxair serves many on-site, bulk gas and pipeline customers in the Houston Ship Channel. This brand new facility provides Praxair with a local capability to produce industrial, medical and specialty grades of argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and oxygen in a variety of packages and sizes to suit customer requirements.

'We will also produce a wide range of industrial welding and shielding mixtures and custom specialty blended gases.'