Praxair China recently successfully commercialised Praxair Dilute Oxygen Combustion (DOC) technology at two Jinchuan Group Limited owned locations in Gansu, China.
The DOC technology has been applied at two copper smelting furnaces at Jinchuan Group Limited (JNMC) in Jinchang city, Gansu province of northwest China. Praxair anticipates that the DOC technology will help JNMC to achieve annual cost savings of over RMB 10m, thanks in part to reduced carbon dioxide emissions, as well as significant reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions.
Tang Hongcai, Vice Plant Director of JNMC’s melting plant, commented, “We appreciate the great efforts and enthusiasm of the Praxair team in the successful commissioning of the DOC system. This has enabled our company to meet a tight project schedule.”
Joe Cappello, President of Praxair Asia, was keen to extol the potential of DOC technology across the Chinese region. He said, “It is very encouraging to see our DOC technology being applied by another customer in China. We are confident that with the great potential of the metallurgy market demand in this country, our DOC and other applications technologies for the metal industry will have more success across China, providing these customers with energy efficiency and environmental protection.”
Praxair DOC technology originally appeared in China during 2009 at Jinlong Copper in the East China province of Anhui.
Praxair DOC technology promises to offer high energy efficiency and furnace operation flexibility at lower capital cost. The facilities harness high-momentum fuel and oxygen jets to provide strong in-furnace gas recirculation which in turn promotes uniform flame, uniform heat release and ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions.