Praxair, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to environmental research with its latest collaboration to an “outstanding program on environmental research.”

The North American industrial gas firm recently entered a long term environmental research collaboration with the State Key Lab of Pollution Control & Resource Reuse Study at Tongji University in Shanghai. Praxair will cooperate with Tongji University on the development of environmental technologies at the United Nations Environmental Program – Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development in Shanghai.

The project is hoped to prove fruitful not only for the environment, but also the Chinese economy, according to Ray Roberge, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Praxair. He commented, “We’re pleased to join hands with Tongji University to support their outstanding program on environmental research. Praxair is strongly committed to sustainable development and looks forward to advances in technologies that will benefit the environmental protection and sustainable growth of the Chinese economy.”

Alongside lending its support to research, Praxair has also established environmental scholarships to support study and research by Chinese students in several key environmental areas including water treatment. All-in-all, the firm has offered valued backing to the educational institute. As attested by Professor Wu Jiang, Vice President of Tongji University, who commented, “It is also our great pleasure and honor to cooperate with Praxair on the environmental research. As a leading university in the environmental field, Tongji devotes tremendous efforts to the green economy. Let’s make this agreement a starting point, fully display our strengths and seek out further cooperative opportunities on the environmental protection.”