Praxair was recently named to The Wall Street Journal’s Management Top 250 as well as the Forbes JUST 100, recognising the company for its exceptional performance.

The Wall Street Journal’s Management Top 250 list recognises the most effectively-managed companies in the US based on customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength. Praxair ranked 100 on the list and fifth in its sector. These metrics reflect the teachings of the late Peter Drucker, a renowned business leader and Wall Street Journal columnist who favoured a holistic approach to evaluating business management performance. Each company listed in the Management Top 250 represents one of the highest scorers out of the 608 US companies reviewed.

Praxair was also named to Forbes Magazine’s JUST 100, a list of America’s most JUST companies. The company was selected as the top performer in the chemical sector and was ranked 31st overall. Praxair was one of 10 companies ranked first among all sectors in the ‘Products’ segment, which includes criteria such as: Makes Products that are Beneficial to Health, Environment or Society; Makes Quality Products and Provides Fair Pricing.

Praxair was also recognised for outperforming its chemical sector peers on such criteria as Commitment to Work-Life Balance, Environmentally Responsible Management, Commitment to Labour and Human Rights, Local Sourcing and others. The list was compiled by JUST Capital, a non-profit that analyses and ranks corporate behaviour and performance according to what the American people identify as most important.

Anne Roby, Senior Vice-President, Praxair, Inc., said, “Praxair is focused on driving operational performance and our success stems from our commitment to ethical business behaviour, sustainability, and social awareness.” She continued, “We are proud to be recognised for this performance and thank our employees for their dedication to our core values.”