Global gas giant Praxair has released its monthly business trends report for the month of May, noting a 11 percent increase in year on year consolidated sales.

The compnay also claims overall sales growth of 14 percent excluding the impact of prior-year equipment sale. They further report currency effects of around 3 percent and acquisitions up 1 percent. According to the report this underlying sales growth reflects strong pricing trends and volume growth in all geographic regions.

For their home region of North America sales are up 11 percent year on year and acquisitions are up 3 percent. Praxair also explains on-site, merchant, and packaged gases sales are all above prior year figures and show strong pricing trends. They also note volume growth in merchant and packaged gases in US and Mexico and a softness in Canada. They also explain these figures are supported by strong new business activity.

Europe also paints a confident picture with an increase in sales of 19 percent compared to the same period in 2006 (up 10 percent excluding currency.) The company attributes these higher sales to increased overall pricing and volume growth in Spain, Italy, and Germany.

In South Americs Praxair reports sales increases of six percent year on year (up 20 percent excluding the impact of prior-year equipment sales.) This accounts for currency effects that have increased 7 percent. The company also says sales growth was driven by higher on-site, merchant, and packaged gas sales.

In Asia sales were up 20 percent year on year (15 percent excluding currency effects.) They attibute this growth in both on-site and merchant liquid volumes to robust new business activity.