Praxair has signed a deal in which Nacogddoches Oil & Gas (NOG) will supply up to 100 million scf per year of helium – with the potential for further expansion.

This is another step made, by the Tier One company, to enhance its helium portfolio and secure supply of the valuable noble gas.

“Developing this gas field with NOG demonstrates Praxair’s commitment to expanding and diversifying our helium supply so we can continue to reliably meet our customers’ growing demand for helium,” said Amer Akhras, General Manager of Global Helium and Rare Gases at Praxair.

This unique field produces a gas made almost entirely of helium and nitrogen. Because helium is the primary product, this source provides Praxair with unique flexibility to respond to market conditions.

“After a comprehensive search, it became clear that Praxair was the right long-term partner to help develop this unique helium resource given their strong infrastructure and leadership in the helium industry,” said NOG President Taylor Mathews.