Praxair, Inc. signed a 15 year contract to purchase carbon dioxide from Osage Bio Products, a subsidiary of Osage Bio Energy.
The carbon dioxide will be sourced from Osage’s barley-to-ethanol bio-processing operations in Hopewell, Vancouver.
Ted Trumpp, Vice President of the East Region for Praxair’s North American Industrial Gases business unit, remarked, “Our intention is to build a world-class facility at the Osage Bio Energy plant in Hopewell, which will help us better serve our growing customer base in the East Region.”

Craig Shealy, President and CEO of Osage Bio Energy, commented, “Biogenic carbon dioxide from our fermentation process is a wonderful source for food grade applications. Praxair is a top-tier industrial gas company, and we are excited to work with them to co-locate a plant on our site.”
The carbon dioxide will be purified and liquefied to generate up to 450 tonnes daily. Praxair’s new facility is scheduled for start-up on the fourth quarter of 2011. The carbon dioxide is expected for use in food freezing and processing, as well as in the beverage sector.