Praxair, Inc., the North American industrial gas collective yesterday signed a multi-year hydrogen contractor with Hemlock Semiconductor, L.L.C.

According to agreement terms, Praxair will supply high purity hydrogen to Hemlock’s new $1.2bn polysilicon manufacturing facility that is currently under construction in Clarksville, Tennessee. Anne Roby, President of Praxair Electronics, described the longstanding alliance between the two companies, “Praxair’s relationship with Hemlock Semiconductor, L.L.C. goes back 35 years. We look forward to continuing to grow with Hemlock Semiconductor, L.L.C. as it meets the growing demand for photovoltaics and semiconductors.”

Praxair will build and operate an on-site hydrogen generation facility as well as managing the supply of liquid hydrogen by truck. Despite its current in construction state, the plant is scheduled for start-up in 2012.

Praxair Electronics offers a portfolio of onsite and merchant gases, process gases, gas handling and distribution systems, and gas and chemical management services. Praxair Electronics also provides the global semiconductor industry with process consumables, including a full line of materials; sputtering targets; CMP pads; chamber components including electrostatic chucks; and spare-parts and logistics services.