Barely two weeks before Cryo-Expo 2010 gets underway in Russia’s capital, Moscow, Praxair has publicised its expansion into the emerging economy.
Praxair Volgograd, a member of the Praxair, Inc. umbrella, has embarked on a long-term supply contract with a leading Russian chemical company. According to the agreement, Praxair Volgograd will provide oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air to Plastkard, a division of the Nikochem Group. Plastkard is Russia’s third largest producer of polyvinyl chloride, a commonly used plastic.
Todd Skare, President of Praxair Europe and Middle East expressed interest in the investment. He said, “As Russia continues to invest in its industrial infrastructure, demand for industrial gases is accelerating. We look forward to working with Nikochem and other customers in Russia to bring energy-efficiency, productivity and environmental benefits to their operations.”
In order to accommodate the contract, Praxair will build a new, energy efficient air separation unit (ASU) with a capacity of 350 tons per day. The works is to be based in Volgograd, the industrial region in southern Russia and is scheduled to commence operation in late 2011. It will replace older ASU’s and also produce liquid products for the merchant market in the region.