Praxair, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Linde plc, has signed a long-term agreement to supply ultra-high purity nitrogen (N2) to Samsung’s world-class semiconductor facility in Hwaseong, South Korea.

The high-purity N2 plant, which is expected to start up in late 2019, is the fifth plant Praxair will build at this site to help enable Samsung to meet increased global semiconductor demand. In addition, the company will install multiple purifiers and a new pipeline system to support the project.

”Praxair has been a reliable partner to Samsung for over four decades,” said B.S. Sung, President of Praxair Korea. 

“We are proud to continue to support their growth as global demand for electronics intensifies. This project increases our density in the region and positions us for future expansion,” Sung added. 

Earlier this year, Praxair announced two other long-term agreements with Samsung affiliates in South Korea, one to supply another of Samsung Electronics’ world-scale semiconductor plant in Pyeongtaek and a second to supply Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ facility in Busan.