Praxair started up its carbon dioxide (CO2) purification and liquefaction plant at Delaware City Refining Company’s facility in Delaware City. The 450 tonnes per day (tpd) plant is producing food and beverage quality liquid CO2 for distribution to the Northeastern US merchant market.

In 2015, Praxair signed a long-term agreement with Delaware City Refining to purchase crude CO2 from the refinery, further strengthening Praxair’s supply position in the region. The company also operates CO2 purification facilities in Virginia, West Virginia and Canada that supply the Northeast.

Additionally, Praxair is building a dry ice facility on the site that will be capable of producing approximately 120 tpd of product for the region. The facility is expected to be completed in early 2017.

Todd Lawson, East region Vice-President for Praxair’s US industrial gases business, commented, “Praxair is uniquely positioned to supply CO2 to customers throughout the Northeastern US, including those in the growing food and beverage industry.”

“This project also supports the sustainability goals of both Praxair and Delaware City Refining as we are making beneficial use of a refinery by-product,” Lawson added.

gasworld Research Analyst Toby Pimlott commented, “If the Praxair and Linde merger is successful, the joint market share of the new company in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US could equal 36%. However, this does not take into account any potential divestments, with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) potentially taking issue with the production overlap from merchant and onsite ASUs in the region.”