Praxair, Inc. has started up its new air separation unit (ASU) at its Burns Harbor site in Indiana.

The 2,400 tonnes per day (tpd) facility is part of the Tier One corporation’s ongoing investment in its northwest Indiana operations and will continue to provide a reliable supply of pipeline oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) required by refining and steel customers in the region.

This is the fourth ASU at Praxair’s Burns Harbor site, all of which are connected to its 130-mile pipeline which runs along the south coast of Lake Michigan and serves a variety of large industries in northwest Indiana.

According to gasworld Business Intelligence, metals and refining end-users are the largest consumers of gases in the region, accounting for around 43% of total sales when combined. It is understood that this new ASU will help to fuel job creators across the state, as Indiana is home to the highest concentration of manufacturing in the nation.

Joe Abdoo, North Region Vice-President of Praxair’s US industrial gases business, emphasised, “This investment further strengthens Praxair’s supply reliability in the region, enabling us to help our customers grow and be more efficient.”

“We also welcome new customers, who require large volumes of O2, N2 or hydrogen (H2), to investigate the benefits of supply from Praxair’s pipeline system, which runs through several sites in Indiana and Illinois that are readily available for development.”

James Barr, Senior Business Analyst, added, “The gases business in the Great Lakes region generated revenues of around $3.3bn in 2015, with Praxair leading the market with a share of 26%.”