Praxair, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Linde plc, has completed a major investment project at its Geismar, Louisiana facility.

The new syngas plant will increase carbon monoxide supply to Praxair’s customers in the Geismar area. The plant incorporates a new carbon monoxide purification train with more than 13million cubic feet per day of capacity.

The facility is part of a much larger investment that Praxair has embarked upon in Louisiana and the US Gulf Coast and leverages proprietary technologies to improve the overall efficiency of the site and maintain its long-term reliability and competitiveness.

“Praxair has been an integral part of the Geismar chemical industry for over 50 years and with this latest investment, we are demonstrating our commitment to remaining a reliable and efficient source of industrial gases in the region well into the future,” said Dan Yankowski, Praxair’s president of Global Hydrogen.

Carbon monoxide is essential for manufacturing a wide array of products, such as polyurethane precursors and other speciality chemicals.

Hydrogen, carbon monoxide and other gas products required by the local chemical and refining industries were the first produced at this site in the early 1970’s. Over the years the site has been expanded and more recently, the Geismar facility has been integrated into a 90-mile pipeline network stretching from Baton Rouge to St Charles.

This latest investment further strengthens Praxair’s ability to serve the increased demand from customers, ranging from world scale refineries to technology leading biofuel companies.