The Venezuelan subsidiary of US-based industrial gas company Praxair has started up operations at a new air separation unit in Barcelona, capital of Anzoátegui state in the country's northeastern region, reports the daily newspaper El Tiempo.
The daily newspaper quoted Praxair Venezuela business director Gilney Penna Bastos as saying,$quot;thanks to the new plant, production will be almost doubled, as we will reach production of 150t of gases per day.$quot;
He also explained that the plant was built in response to increased demand from oil and petrochemical companies based in the Jose cryogenic complex, as well as hospitals and other industrial firms in the east of the country. Mr Bastos continues, $quot;our growth is constant and we want to continue expanding throughout Venezuela.$quot;
Apart from Barcelona, the company has Venezuelan plants in Barquisimeto in Lara state, and Puerto Ordaz in Bolívar state.