Praxair Asia today has donated a lasing gases supply system, valued at more than RMB80.000, to the laser-processing lab of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The lab is part of a joint research programme funded by the Chinese and German governments and it will develop advanced hybrid laser welding processes for the shipbuilding industry in China.

Praxair will supply high-purity and shielding gases and technical support in process optimisation. Distribution of lasing gases requires advanced technology and high-purity piping systems, and Praxair will provide the high-purity carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and ensure the gases will reach the resonator without contamination from the atmosphere.

\\$quot;Praxair is very pleased to support research on welding for shipbuilding, particularly at a top-quality institution like Shanghai Jiao Tong University,\\$quot; said Dr. Kevin Albaugh, director of Praxair Asia\\$quot;s R&D Center. \\$quot;Collaborating with universities is an important part of our R&D approach. SJTU has top talents and facilities, and I believe we will have more opportunities to cooperate in many fields.\\$quot;

Douglas Steyer, applications and market development director continued: \\$quot;Praxair\\$quot;s long experience and knowledge in welding applications allows us to help the research programme to move quickly. By providing gases and gas systems engineered to the highest standards, we ensure worry-free laser operation to this facility, providing reliable solutions for the welding needs of the shipbuilding customers.\\$quot;