Praxair China has installed its ozone disinfection technology at two of its customers' plants.

Shanghai South Urban Water Plant, and Pudong Linjiang Water Plant, both supply drinking water to the 2010 Shanghai Expo Park.

Praxair China has successfully installed its ozone disinfection technology at these two plants, as well as providing technical advice on optimisation of gas consumption and related gas equipment.

The company has already applied its water treatment technology at other urban water plants, such as Yangshupu Water Plant in Shanghai, which has been in operation more than a century, and the Beijing water plants serving the 2008 Olympics.

$quot;We're very encouraged to see our technology working well for the Shanghai water plants,$quot; commented David Chow, President of Praxair China.

$quot;This has given us a great opportunity to support the Shanghai Expo and demonstrates our ability to successfully replicate our water treatment applications in large cities.$quot;