Praxair will showcase its steel production technologies next month at the Iron & Steel Technology (AISTech) Conference and Exhibition.

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Linde plc will present its OptifireTM fluidic burner at the event, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from 6th to 9th May.

Praxair will also feature 3D visualisation of steel making processes developed by the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualisation Consortium (SMSVC) and launched by the Center for Innovation through Visualisation and Simulation (CIVS) at Purdue University Northwest.

Allen Chan and Hamzah Alshawarghi of Praxair’s Research and Development team will present the technical paper titled AOD Process Control: From Slide Rule to Factory Automation on Monday 6th May.

They will discuss how powerful and cheap computing offers the means to embed process calculations into the process control system. Examples from past work, along with new ideas and methodologies for the future, will be presented.

Megha Jampani will present the technical paper titled Fluidic CoJet® Injector and Optifire™ Fluidic Burner: Operating Experience on Monday 6th May.

This paper discusses the benefits of Praxair’s fluidic CoJet® injector and its Optifire™ fluidic burner by using data from trials at customer sites. These technologies allow EAF operators to deflect the flame of the burner in a direction of choice during the scrap melting phase of electric arc furnace operation.

Joe Maiolo and Kelly Tian of Praxair’s Research and Development team, along with CIVS and Purdue University Northwest and ArcelorMittal, will present the technical paper titled, Analysis of the Effects of Oxygen Enrichment in a Reheating Furnace on Wednesday 8th May.

They will discuss how oxygen enrichment and oxy-fuel technology can be utilized to increase the efficiency of a reheating furnace.