Praxair, Inc. announced today that its in-line sanitary system that removes dissolved oxygen in process water will be featured at this year’s INTERBEV show that is co-located with Process Expo in Chicago, Sept. 15-18, 2015.

Praxair experts will be on hand in booth 6714 to show how this technology has helped customers lower their costs and improve their product quality.

“Oxygen in process water can negatively affect the taste, color and stability of beverages,” said Lauren Dunlap, Praxair business development manager. “Praxair’s proprietary sanitary in-line system drives oxygen out of process water, helping customers increase production and through reduced oxidative reactions, improve the quality of their products. Our system for de-aeration is relatively easy to install, very easy to monitor and quickly knocks down dissolved oxygen levels from parts per million to parts per billion. Because it’s a continuous in-line system, there’s no processing downtime.”

Praxair’s technology has been successfully installed at Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri. The space-saving system has reduced dissolved oxygen in the process water used by the regional specialty brewer to produce approximately 200,000 barrels of beer annually, ensuring that the flavor, color and shelf life of the brewery’s beer meets the company’s stringent quality guidelines.

Praxair worked with Mike Utz, Boulevard director of engineering, to install the equipment and a bulk nitrogen system that supplies it. “Praxair’s technical group and installation team have been great to work with,” said Utz. “At Boulevard, we pride ourselves on quality and Praxair has provided us with the technology we need to continue to create the high-quality product our customers have come to expect.”