Praxair Inc. has signed another long-term contract with an electronics manufacturer in Shanghai, China.

Praxair will build, own and operate multiple air separation plants that will supply high-purity nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) to EverDisplay Optronics (EDO), the first mass producer of 4.5-generation AMOLED displays in the country. Under the terms of the contract, Praxair will also supply EDO with helium (He) and other gases.

Praxair’s plants will provide a combined 720 tonnes per day of N2 to EDO’s new 6th-generation AMOLED project in Shanghai. The N2 will be used in EDO’s manufacturing processes. The bulk gas supply is scheduled to begin in mid-2018, followed by additional supply from the air separation plants, which are expected to start up in 2019.

EDO will invest more than $4.1bn in its new project, which is the only AMOLED project supported by the Shanghai government and one of the focal projects in China’s 13th five-year plan.

Huiran Liu, Vice-General Manager of EDO, said, “We are pleased to select Praxair as a valued supplier.” He continued, “As a leading industrial gas company, we know Praxair will provide us a safe, reliable and competitive gas supply. We are looking forward to our close cooperation and the completion of the new project.”

President of Praxair China, Will Li, commented, “China is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing AMOLED markets.”

“This project further builds on our long history of successfully serving electronics customers in China and around the world. Through this new agreement, we will continue to enhance our competitive position in Shanghai,” Li concluded.