Praxair Electronics, based in Orangeburg, New York, has been awarded a ten-year contract by NEC Electronics America, a leading provider of semiconductor products in the Americas, to provide bulk gases and onsite services to the company's manufacturing facility in Roseville, California.

Praxair\\$quot;s new contract will cover supply to NEC Electronics America's existing six-inch wafer fab, as well as to the planned eight-inch line that will be used to produce next-generation semiconductor devices primarily for the automotive industry.

The company has been supplying NEC Electronics for 22 years since the Roseville facility opened in 1984.

"Praxair has been a supplier and partner to NEC Electronics America for many years, providing high-quality products and services. We are confident in Praxair's capabilities as a world-class supplier and in its commitment to quality and safety," said Gabe Kim, vice president, manufacturing operations, NEC Electronics America.

"We are proud to have been chosen to continue supplying gases and services to NEC Electronics America to meet its expansion needs in Roseville," said Ray Roberge, president, Praxair Electronics. "We value the depth and quality of this relationship and appreciate NEC Electronics America's vote of confidence in Praxair Electronics."