Praxair, Inc. has upgraded its carbon dioxide (CO2) gas analysis with the installation of multiple BevAlert Model 8900 at its plants across North America and select international locations.

The BevAlert Model 8900 new gas chromatograph, from Baseline-MOCON, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON monitors trace impurities in CO2 (and other gases) while setting new standards for analytical sensitivity. The analyzer also eliminates the need for multiple instruments.

Greg Sweeney, Praxair's director of carbon dioxide, points out that beverage bottlers and breweries are continually asking for more stringent quality analysis-down to parts per billion (PPB) in certain circumstances. As the leader in the carbonation field, it was important that the Praxair avail itself of the latest technology.

$quot;The new analyzer gives us the ability to measure those components more accurately, down to the PPB levels required by our customers,$quot; he says. $quot;Previously, the only way to test for acetaldehyde in the CO2 was by manually testing samples, or by using multiple pieces of equipment. That requires time and labor and generally slows down the process,$quot; Sweeney says.