Praxair announced its recent success in applying the CoJet ® gas injection system to Baosteel’s electric arc furnace (EAF) in Shanghai, China.

The first results from use of the patented coherent jet technology showed an increase in productivity of over 25% with decreases in electrical energy consumption, electrode consumption and other cost factors for the plant.

The CoJet system was installed at Baosteel in November 2004 on the two shells of a 150-ton Direct Current (DC) twin shell EAF. This project also featured the first application of Praxair’s Intelligent Refining System, a dynamic computer control system to improve furnace operation. The use of the Intelligent Refining System in an EAF can help to minimize human error while maximizing heat-to-heat consistency resulting in lower operating costs and improved quality.

The CoJet system is the premiere gas injection system that delivers a laser-like, supersonic jet of oxygen into the molten steel bath of an EAF. Oxygen is a critical component of steel making and its accurate injection into the furnace to control the amounts of carbon in the steel, provide additional energy for improved melting of scrap metal, and enhance the removal of phosphorous from the melted metal bath, results in higher quality steel.