Praxair has developed an ultra performance cryogenic tunnel freezer that meets the new USDA standards for sanitary equipment.

The new standards define examples of good hygienic equipment design features including full access for cleaning of conveyers, support structure, dead space, joints, and seals. The new Praxair® ColdFront™ ultra performance tunnel is the first high-productivity, cryogenic-impingement freezer in the industry that meets the new standards.

Frank J. Martin, National Marketing Manager for food refrigeration said, \\$quot;With over 40 years of experience in cryogenic freezing and chilling, Praxair has been a leading force in the continuous improvement of cryogenic applications in the food industry. Meeting these sanitation standards, coupled with our new freezing technology that reduces cryogen usage by up to 10% and decreases plant foot print up to 30%, represents three critically important benefits for food processors\\$quot;.

The most recent installation of the ColdFront ultra performance tunnel has been completed at Great Kitchens of Addison, Ill. Commenting on the freezer, James LaRocco, Vice President of Operations for Great Kitchens said, \\$quot;Being able to easily clean our freezer after completion of production is paramount. Easy access to all the internal process areas of the Praxair freezer allows us to thoroughly wash down all surfaces. It drains completely and is ready to return to service in a short amount of time. Less down time helps us maximize production volume to meet our orders\\$quot;.