Residents of St Louise had a meeting with the Praxair representatives last night regarding the explosion, which happened over a month ago.

According to the company's corporate communication's vice president Nigel Muir the outcome of the meeting was very relaxed.

He said: 'We met the local residents in the beginning of their monthly meeting and explained what we have done so far.

We explained that we were still cleaning the site and continuously working with the fire department in order to find the cause of the explosion.

Over 50 per cent of the insurance claims have been settled and the rest will be completed shortly.

Mr Muir also informed that the company is also working closely with the local officials in order to build a new facility.

The meeting was held last night at the Lafayette Park United Methodist Church at the corner of Lafayette and Missouri Avenues.

The gas bottle explosions caused the evacuation of a five-block area and the closing of Interstate 64 for several hours.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is nearly completed although no report has been issued yet.

The company transferred gases including oxygen, propane, chlorine and acetylene from large tanks to small tanks for sale at the site.