Women’s health organisation Pregna International has launched a new CO2-based cryotherapy device to help fight cervical cancer.

Developed by non-profit health organisation Jhpiego, with an objective of making treatment of cervical pre-cancerous lesions accessible to all, Cryopop offers a mobile, cost-effective and robust solution.

Pregna is the exclusive global commercialising partner for the device.

Ajit Raje, Vice-President, of Prenga, said, ” A large number of the fatalities can be prevented with timely screening and treatment at the secondary/tertiary level.”

“CryoPop will play a vital role enabling healthcare professions at all levels to effectively treat the disease. The first step is to create awareness and educate the masses about the disease.”

Mukul Taparia, Managing Director of Pregna, added, “As an organisation focusing on women’s health, we strive to find innovative and lifesaving solutions which can help healthcare professionals and women worldwide.”

“Cryotherapy is one of the most effective methods to treat cervical lesions, yet the infrastructure required in traditional equipment has hampered its large-scale adoption. Let us go out and save lives!”


Source: Pregna International