US-based Premier Cryogenic Services (PCS), LLC, has upscaled its cryogenic repair services following the opening of a larger shop in the Delphi area of Indiana.

Having moved from its previous 8-bay facility in West Lafayette, the company aims to extend its repair capabilities while maintaining quality service. 

“The larger 35-bay Delphi cryogenic repair shop permits us to better serve existing and new customers in the region,” commented Mark Morreale, CEO, PCS, with company COO Joe Morreale adding that the shop is already filled. 

With Curt Hillenberg named as the new manager of the Delphi shop, the company has also hired cryogenic engineering expert Everett Snoeberger. 

PCS provides cryogenic services, including inspection, repair, rehabilitation, and testing for a range of equipment across its Houston, LA, and Indiana repair shops. 

In addition to its status as the largest service provider for liquid hydrogen trailers and ISO containers in North America, the company sells and leases rehabilitated cryogenic and CO2 equipment.

Speaking to gasworld last year, Mark Morreale revealed that demand for liquid hydrogen equipment is set to increase. 

“Regarding the outlook for hydrogen we see the demand for LH2 (liquid hydrogen) equipment increasing, especially due to legislation and incentives in states like California, as governments and industry push toward green.” 

“Battery technologies are increasing rapidly, but we feel that there will be applications where hydrogen will make the most sense,” he added.

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