Technex Limited, jointly founded by Igor Voronin in 2005, has announced plans to assemble its first Ukrainian cryogenic semi-trailer for liquid oxygen by the end of 2007 and confirmed it has already received orders from national industrial gas companies for the assembly of 7 new cryogenic semi-trailers in 2008.

The first Ukrainian-manufactured cryogenic semi-trailer will be unveiled at a special presentation in Kiev in December, expected to be attended by a number of high profile CEO’s and technical directors of international industrial gas companies, as well as international and local media, officials from the Ukraine government and Ministry of Industry for the country.

In 2007, Technex launched the project for assembling cryogenic trailers for the transportation and storage of a variety of cryogenic liquids including liquid oxygen (LO2), liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid argon (LAr), liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) and LNG.

The decision to produce the trailers in the Ukraine was borne out of several central tenets. These include the geographic position of the country, the low cost of human resources, high technology potential within the country and the prospective rapid growth of the CIS as an industrial gas market.

Supported by the Ukrainian Association of Industrial Gases (UA-SIGMA) and the Asia-Pacific Industrial Gases Association, the Technex project unites the efforts of parts and technology suppliers from across the world such as Russia, Ukraine, China, India, New Zealand, France and the US.

The manufacture, testing and quality standards for the assembly of the semi-trailers conform to the standards of the CIS. The project’s objective for 2008 is to achieve PED certification of Ukrainian trailers.