For bottled gas with 300 bar filling pressure, Witt now offers the BM-2M which is connected directly to a gas cylinder without additional pressure control and mixes two gases in any ratio with inlet pressures of up to 300 bar achieving maximum 8 bar outlet pressure.

Witt notes that the integrated relief valves protect the downstream system from overpressure.

The system is certified for use with argon, helium, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, with a mixing accuracy of 1%. The mixer weighs 3.5kg, is extremely compact and fits perfectly between the cylinders’ heads.

The BM-2M will create great interest in the market, as it can be used for a wide range of applications cylinders with 300 bar offer more content with the same volume and permit smaller container sizes. This has a positive effect on storage and transport costs, reduces losses from residual content and minimizes unproductive bottle changes.