In the last year, Cold Jet has revolutionised dry ice blast cleaning with the introduction of the Aero2 Series, which Dennis Hjort says is a new collection of the “world’s most advanced” dry ice blasters.

“The Aero2 Series of machines is the highest performing and most efficient line of dry ice blasters ever,” Hjort, Cold Jet’s Vice-President – Global DIMS & IBS, said.  

“With a reimagined design that includes a straight through air system and redesigned feeding system, air pressure loss and dry ice waste are brought to a minimum. Allowing for a pulse-free and consistent blast stream, while using less air and less dry ice.”

The new machines are also digitally controlled.

“These systems utilise finely controlled particles of dry ice (solid CO2) as a blasting medium. Our customers use our machines to clean manufacturing process equipment, such as injection molding machines, in situ. They also use our technology to clean and activate composite structures, such as automotive body panels prior to painting, and to deburr plastic or metallic components, such as medical implant devices, to final quality standards. High quality standards are achieved without the generation of secondary waste streams and without the risk of damaging expensive equipment.”

“You can easily view and adjust blasting parameters and machine settings via the 7” LCD screen and applicator. And with programmable and password protected application recipes, you can stay in complete control and ensure you are blasting with the most efficient setting for each individual application,” Hjort said.

“The series introduces Industry 4.0 solutions to dry ice blasting for the first time. The machines are IoT enabled via Cold Jet Connect™, which provides remote monitoring and diagnostics, giving you greater insight to your operations.”

Within the Aero2 series are models that are designed to emphasize greater control or greater power. 

“PCS models feature our revolutionary Particle Control System™, which allows you to…

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