Cryogenic tanks and trailers are used to store and transport liquefied gases such as liquid oxygen, LNG and liquid nitrogen at high pressures and low temperatures.

More than 250,000 specially designed tanks store and transport industrial gases globally, with the market estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 7% by 2023.

According to Research and Markets, this growth is fuelled by high demand for these gases across different industries including pharmaceuticals, petrochemical and food and beverage.

In gasworld’s next issue of gasworld Global (Issue 10 of 2019), we will be taking an indepth look at cryogenic tanks and trailers.

Speaking to Applied Cryo Technologies, Cryolor, Den Hartogh, Eleet Cryogenics and Karbonsan gasworld will find out exactly what is driving business growth in cryogenics.

Ahead of this, we spoke to Joe Brinkman, Vice-President and General Manager of Industrial Gas Products at Chart Industries to find out more about the company’s range of cryogenic tanks and trailers and current trends in the industry. 

Chart cryogenic storage tank for LNG project in Lithuania

Source: Chart Industries, Inc.

Chart cryogenic storage tank for LNG project in Lithuania

Gasworld (GW): Can you tell us about Chart’s range of cryogenic tanks and trailers?

Joe Brinkman (JB): Chart builds cryogenic storage tanks from five litres to one million litres. Chart builds a variety of trailers, ISO containers, and truck-mounted offerings in nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and LNG in five factories around the world.

GW: What are the key trends in this industry? 

JB: One major trend in cryogenic storage is the continue migration of bulk storage to skid-mounted Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk Storage Systems. These tanks have the advantage of easier installation and are equipped with automated shut-off when paired with a Chart Orca™ MicroBulk Delivery System.

GW:What are the growth drivers?

JB: Strong demand for storage tanks is coming from the expanding laser, botanical extraction and cryotherapy markets.

GW: What does the future hold for the cryogenic tanks and trailers industry?

JB: Further developments in tank and transport technology will come in the way of automated filling and dealing with the high pressure associated with various applications.

gasworld will publish the full feature, titled ‘In focus… Cryogenic tanks and trailers’, in gasworld Global’s upcoming 10th issue of 2019.