In an industry where safety and reliability are of critical importance, the correct regulators and valves are vital to help keep gases under control, with unwanted mixtures and accidental contaminations potentially leading to serious health and safety and environmental issues.

Using the correct regulators and valves is a fundamental necessity in helping to control gases; regulators modulate their pressures and valves control their flow rates. For more than 70 years, WIKA has been supplying these crucial without regulation and control technologies for industrial and medical gases to industrial gas majors and OEM companies manufacturing storage, transportation and handling equipment.

Together with its valves manufacturing clients, WIKA has been at the forefront of innovation in the cylinder valves market. Since last year the German company has been developing new measuring devices for two European valves OEMs, the development deals with digitalisation and IoT implementation. Both projects are based on the PME01 gauge – electro-mechanical hybrid gauge.

For more than 30 years, US-based FasTest has manufactured industry-leading, quick connectors for leak and pressure testing and compressed gas cylinder filling. The company has secured over 50 US and international patents, which serve as the design platform for innovative products that enable FasTest’s customers to improve testing, manufacturing processes, and gas filling productivity.

FasTest has brought two new tools to market recently, its CryoVent and High Purity Series quick connectors.  CryoVent seals on pressure relief valves in order to vent noise and gas outside of a building. The High Purity Series is for sealing on valves and regulators that are used for specialty gas cylinders.

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